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James Paul McCartney (1973)


Rockshow (1981)


Back To The Egg (1979)


Give My Regards To Broad Street (1984)


Rupert and the Frog Song  (1985)


The Paul McCartney Special (1987)


Once Upon A Video... (1987)


Put It There  (1989)


Get Back  (1991)


Movin' On (1993)


 Paul is Live (1994)


In The World Tonight  (1997)


Music for the Montserrat (1997)


Paul McCartney and Friends: The PETA Concert for Party Animals (2000)


Live At the Cavern Club (2001)


Wingspan (2001)


The Music And Animation Collection (2004)


Chaos And Ctreation In The Backyard (Special Edition) (2005)


Chaos And Creation At Abbey Road (2006)


The Space Within Us (2006)



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